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Soriano 1536 esq Salto
Barrio Palermo
Montevideo, Uruguay
+598 2419 9830

Hello Traveler!

At Dolce Vita Hostel we make an effort blending comfort and entertainment. As our main goal we want to show you the particularities of Montevideo and Uruguay, its open mind people, its culture and diversity. A place to discover that often gives us special nights where music's always present.

You will stay in a classic house from the early '900 recently renovated. A place not only to get rest but also a multicultural space where travelers can meet and exchange experiences.

With a good location, near Avenida 18 de Julio, the Rambla (seaside) and all historical sights of the city, you will been in touch with the best of our city.

Welcome to Montevideo and Dolce Vita Hostel since now!!
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